Intra-national LDR: Amanda & Richard

Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

A: I’m Amanda, I am 20 years old and I’m from a small town in Washington State! Starting this winter I will begin to study for my AA (Associates Degree) in education at Everett Community College here in WA so that I can become a Culinary Instructor or a Home Economics teacher (whichever happens first xD). Most of my free time is spent listening to music, playing video games and, go on small adventures with my cousin. Cooking and baking is a passion for me. I got my certificate in Culinary Arts while I was in high school.

R: I am Richard, I am 18 and I am from an even smaller town in New York State. I love photography and take photos for a newspaper and the village I live in. Unfortunately I have depression and PTSD but it does not stop me from trying to live my life and be happy. The happiest thing about my life is Amanda. I call her my Meme Queen, and even got her a shirt that says that haha. I enjoy making youtube videos in my free time, it is a good change of pace from the slow tedious pace photography can have sometimes. I don’t have much family due to a really bad divorce so most of my time I spend at home or out and about taking pictures and videos of things.

How did you two meet? How long have you been together?

A: We met last September on a social media app called Vent. He commented on one of my posts and then sent me a message and we have talked ever since. At the time I had recently gotten out of a relationship and was having a hard time with it and he helped me through it. We started dating last October and have been together for 9 months.

R: As Amanda said, we meet on an app called Vent, as the title suggests you just vent about things. I have never dated before and I was following Amanda’s account for a while, one day on one of her posts she said I made her day so I decided to message her. From there we slowly started getting more and more comfortable talking to each other, until one day in October, October 10 to be exact (10/10) she told me how she has been calling me babe by mistake and how she called me her boyfriend to a coworker by mistake, so I said, why let that be a mistake, and I asked her out. Best thing I have ever done.

What was your first meet like?

A: We haven’t met yet but, I know that when we do I will definitely cry tears of joy, be completely shocked and beside myself and maybe speechless! It will definitely be one of the best days of my life and I can’t wait

R: Sadly due to Amanda’s parents we have not met yet. Her father does not talk to me and her mother judged me for being abused as a child and never really gave me a chance to show I am an amazing person. My motto is to treat others how I wish to be treated. I never want anyone to feel sad like I do. I really wish I could meet her, we planned it many times before and got super close one until her parents shut it down. I guess when it happens it happens!

Do you have any plans to close the distance?

A: I have been trying really hard to get out of my dead end job to get a better one and further my education. As soon as I can move out of my house and away from my parents, the greater our chances are of getting this distance closed.

R: I am trying very hard with my therapy to work around my PTSD and depression. My main goal is to work towards being able to do daily tasks like, gassing up a car, driving alone, and so forth. It is slow but steady, but very much worth it. Once I get better at daily tasks I can work on bigger things like getting on a plane to fly 3,000 miles to see Amanda haha. I am always coming up with wild plans to move together, calculating funds, and prices and all, one day it will all come together and be amazing. It is crazy living on the other ends of the country. You never really get a grasp at how big America is until you love someone who lives on the other side. From the east coast to the west, it is crazy how different things are yet you are in the same country. Eventually one of us will have to adjust to a big change in cultures or both of us!

Any advice for the readers of LDD?

A: People will try to break you up and tear you apart but, as long as you have trust, love, loyalty and, the moral support of each other, nothing can tear you apart. It will be difficult and the nights will get lonely but, in the end, it’s worth every mile.

R: Never give up. We have so much technology today, it makes an long distance relationship a lot easier than they used to be. I recommend “Netflix Party” and extension for google chrome that lets you watch Netflix synced with someone else and even has a little chat on the side. Use your imagination! Go on imaginary trips, if you go somewhere take lots of pictures for your partner to see so they feel there. I love sending Amanda pictures of adventures I go on or even things I do around the house. One day It felt like she was right here with me, it is great!

Thank you Amanda & Richard for being so honest and raw in this interview! Our team at LDD and our readers definitely appreciate it. We wish you the best of luck in meeting each other someday!

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