30 Days Long Distance Diaries Challenge Answers Pt 1

Although we are allowing you until the end of today to get all your answers in and put yourself in contention for our big voucher prize, we thought we’d start sharing some of our favourite answers from you all!

Now we have had a lot of answers (we’ll share some impressive numbers with you next week), so we’re going to break this down into 3 separate posts, and this one is going to focus on Days 1-10! 

Now, we received a HUGE amount of answers, and we cannot possibly post them all, so here are some of our favourites…


Day 1 – What are your names, and ages, and where are you both from?

Annnyare – My name is Ann and my girlfriend is Lucy. I’m 17 and Lucy is turning 18. I’m from the Philippines but currently in Canada and she’s from UK (5,804 km).

Yoyoiggityyoitsandi – My name is Andi and I’m 21 from Arizona and his name is Robin and he’s 28 from Northern California!  (Love the blog name)…

Fromamericatoafrica17 – Elizabeth & Sheryl. Both 31. Los Angeles, CA, USA and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Rfsxcd – Randolf and Clarisse. 22 and 25. Washington State and Philippines.

Rubieslane – Zac (27) and Ruby (28), we’re both from northern PA went to high school together but he’s in Japan in the Navy.



Day 2 – How far is your distance, and what’s the time difference?

Dear-boywiththebeard – We are 2665km apart (1656 miles) and we are in the same time zone.

Long-real-distancerelationship – We are separated by 5,513 Miles and our time difference is 6 hours.

Bloodyjoz – We are 13,582 KM / 8,439 MI; 15 hours / 16 hours apart. (Look at the positive, if you flip it its only 8/9 hours)…

b._joy – 9131km and 6/7hrs time difference.

Tea – Victor and I are 6,956 miles apart (From Peru to Serbia). It takes about 26 hours total when we fly to see each other, and our time difference is 7 hours. (Wow that’s a complicated plane journey)…

Alicia McClelland – We were 800 miles apart with no time difference. We’ve recently closed the distance.



Day 3 – How did you meet?

Long—distance—littles – We met on the internet… not very exciting. (Most exciting place in the world)…

Quackamonster – Tinder date when I was visiting a friend and got bored when my friend was at work.

Danymoc – We met in 2013 at a bar in Ningbo, China while I was doing my Masters there and he was working in the same city.

Lily_maleckova – On a Facebook fan page about Hunger Games, that’s why I love hunger games as much as I do.

Dbbloggerxoxo – I and my partner met at graduation last July.



Day 4 – How long have you been together?

Dadassweetheart – We just had our two month anniversary!

Andwouldntyou-lovetoloveher – Since October 2015, but we’ve been long distance since November 2016.

Anapleng2530 – 481days. (Very very precise I like it)…

Karmarswa – December will be 3 years!

713milesapart – We’ve been together for 3 years this past August. Too many more!

Closedldr1523miles – We’ve been together for almost 4 years on Christmas and have been married for almost 3 months on September 12th.



Day 5 – What was your first impression of your partner?

Kittenandjet – He was as big a nerd as I am but one of the funniest and nicest people I’d ever met.

Bloodyjoz – Tall, funny and a lil jumpy. (Never seen anyone described as jumpy)…

713milesapart – Honestly I hated him for about a year before I fell head over heels for him.

Pyrrha_kinru – This guy is so mysterious and awesome!

Julia – I first thought he was a very kind person with a big heart, and who was very funny. I felt attracted to him immediately, but at first, I thought of him as someone who would become a very good friend.



Day 6 – How did you tell your family and friends about your LDR?

Dear-boywiththebeard – I first told them about visiting a friend from Sweden, they told me that they preferred for him to come the first time. He came and stayed 3 days and after he left we were eating and my dad was like “okay but, are you two dating?” It was funny.

Quackamonster – I sat down with my mom and sister and told them I have some news. They saw how happy I was (and still am) so they are staying supportive.

Cassdn12 – They kind of knew the whole time… They knew I liked him before I did.

Alicia McClelland – I honestly was just like “so yeah, I like this guy, and he likes me….but he’s in Indiana.



Day 7 – What is your favourite physical feature of each other?

His.princxss – His hair and eyes. Also, his laugh and smile and I love love looooove his hands.

J_manaug – I totally love his eyes, smile and laugh.

Krissycaitsldr –  Kait’s smile. It brightens up my day every time.

rfsxcd – His lips and dimple.

Trash_postz – I love the most his smile and laugh, his hands and his eyes, also his warm chest, and his hair.

We’re sensing a pattern here, we all love hair and eyes and smiles…



Day 8 – What are your favourite pictures of one another?

Bloodyjoz – My fav picture of us have to be kissing and the background is the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge. (We really want to see this)…

Trash_postz – Unfortunately we still don’t have a picture together.

Kellymoz_ – We both love this picture of us kissing with a pride flag wrapped around us! It’s adorable and hella gay and cheesy.

Charlotte Parker – I can never pick a favourite! We have some amazing ones from my prom and at a wedding we both attended.



Day 9 – Give us 4 random facts about your partner?

Kittenandjet – He plays Warhammer 40k, He does a sport called HEMA, His favourite colour is purple and he has a tattoo of a servo skull on his back.

J_manaug – He’s 6 ft tall, likes vanilla flavoured ice cream, loves to read books and a writer.

713milesapart – He only eats certain types of food, he has green eyes, he is a dog person, and one of his favourite movies is the Fox and the Hound.

Krissycaitsldr – Kait is left-handed, she is scared of birds, she can’t stand the cold and doesn’t like green vegetables except for peas.

Mariebelle520 – He’s an experienced mechanic, a talented photographer and poet and also a very picky eater.



Day 10 – What hobbies and interests do you two have in common?

Kccrystalmg – Video games, anime, movies.

Seha_bushri – We love bowling and equestrian.

Keziah_spiegel – We both love dogs and cats, we both are movie buffs, comic book nerds, we both are into psychology, both love music, and travelling.

Tea – We love hiking, rock climbing, bouldering… We also play a lot of table-tennis, squash, anything with rackets.


See some of our favourite answers to Questions 11-20 later this week, and we will be revealing our prize winner next weekend!

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