30 Days Long Distance Diaries Challenge Answers Pt 2

It’s time for the second of our three posts featuring some of the brilliant answers from our 30 Day Long Distance Diaries Challenge! This time we’re focusing on Days 11-20, so we hope you enjoy some of the responses we received below.

Day 11 –  What’s the most favourite thing/gift you’ve given each other?

641milesbetweenus – Last winter I was dealing with the stress of finals season and I hadn’t been feeling my best. Being the adorable boyfriend that he is, Ale wanted to send me a Cadbury Dark Chocolate bar to cheer me up and get me through it all. However, he accidentally ordered a box of 12 huge bars on Amazon! I had chocolate for months!

Cassdn12 – I think my favourite thing that he has given me is this tea cup planter that he painted on a date with me.

Charlotte Parker –  My favourite thing I’ve given Haydn is my 12 open when cards that I created and filled with a letter and a paper gift. I also made him a personalised pack of playing cards with things I love about him.

Quackamonster – Every time we see each other we give each other a t-shirt that smells like each other.

Adventureknd – Promise rings.


Day 12 – What means of communication do you use the most?

Dear-boywiththebeard – Skype and Snapchat.

Tea – Facebook Messenger and Couple app.

Thaihamdao – meme tagging. (That’s a new one on me)…

Tianna – We use WhatsApp frequently throughout the day & Skype when we’re chilling together before bed.


Day 13 – Share a cute memory that you have together.

Kellymoz_ – The first time we met we went to a Walmart adventure and ended up in the parking lot squirting whipped cream at each other.

Trash_postz – When we first called we were so nervous and he kept repeating “Yes” to all the thing I was saying and he kept giggling he was so cute.

Alicia McClelland – My mom showed me a picture she took of us the first time we met: we were sleeping, and holding hands on the car ride from the airport.

Angel-of-the-uss-enterprise – When Kora came to Oxfordshire to visit me, we went on a date to Drayton Manor. However I didn’t account for Kora’s fear of rides, so we spent a lot of the day walking around the zoo and going on the little rides, which was really fun.


Day 14 – Do you have a song?

Thislovesongtoyou – Two songs that I think we can really consider “ours” are “Perfect” by Sir Ed Sheeran (all hail Sir Ed) and “Never Stop” by Safety Suit.

Anapleng2530 – Just the way you are he like #billyjoel I like #barrywhite

713milesapart – Our song is How Do I Live by Leann Rimes.

krissycaitsldr – We have a few. “Loved You Before” by Melissa Etheridge and “Never Saw Blue Like That” by Shawn Colvin.

Jana.clemens_ – No.

(We have added all your songs to our Spotify Playlist – find us at @ldrdiaries)



Day 15 – What was your first kiss like? If you haven’t kissed yet, what do you think it will be like?

Bloodyjoz – It was awkward – 1st time meeting and kissing.. but the more we kissed, the more comfortable we became.

Unbrokenknowngirl – I feel like it’s going to be awkward and just full of laughter because of how nervous I will be.

Pyrrha_kinru – It was amazing, it was the most amazing thing in the world. We were on the subway and he looked down at me and I kissed him.

Quackamonster – We were sitting in his car on our second date after getting smoothies and looked at each other and started kissing passionately.

Charlotte Parker – Our first kiss was a cute peck after a massive hug once he met me off the train! Nothing magical – in fact, it was more like an excited headbutt!



Day 16 – What are both of your dream careers, and how do you think your LDR will affect them?

Sethsstone – Dream career? Husband and Father.

Long-real-distancerelationship – My dream career is to be an English teacher and I’m actually doing it, just waiting for my graduation, and his dream career is to be a translator; he loves languages and he is so good at that.

Kellymoz_ – We both wanna be writers/editors and I also wanna make short films on the side. Luckily, these are both jobs you can travel with which is what we wanna do together.

Evelatorre18_ – Mine is to be a psychiatric and hers is to be a veterinarian. I think it’s gonna affect a little bit of our relationship because they are very demanding jobs but we will get through it like always.


Day 17 – When did you both first say “I love you”? If you haven’t tet, when and how do you think it will happen?

641milesbetweenus – We both decided to wait to say “te amo” in person, and were counting down the days to our first visit. However, one night as we were hanging up a Skype call, rather than saying “te quiero” as usual…he said “te amo”.

His.princxss – We both said it when we were best friends. I knew that he loved me too but things were complicated and we came together almost 1 year after that.

Tea – Victor and I first said it on the phone! I was calling him from a phone box, and I had an international card that had only 2 minutes limit We were talking very fast, and he interrupted me saying that he loves me.

Longdistancehug – I told him when we got to his house on the first day I met him in real! When we sat down cuddling on his bed.



Day 18 – How often do you have a phone or video call, and what’s the longest phone or video call you’ve ever had?

Angel-of-the-uss-enterprise – I think the longest time we’ve been on video call was nearly a full 24 hours. (That’s an incredible amount of time)…

Marksheil – I once Skype my wife for 18 hours non stop.

Mariebelle520 – We talk every day via FaceTime audio while I drive to work, and either talk or video on Saturday and Sunday’s for about 4 hours each day.

Surviving.the.distance – Every single day!! And probably around 30 hours and it didn’t last any longer because the internet cut. (Wow that’s even more incredible)…

Quackamonster – We have phone calls every morning, video chat every night, text/message each other during the day on the minimum.



Day 19 – If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be and why?

Dear-boywiththebeard – When we talk about this we always end in the conclusion that we don’t care, as long as we are with each other.

Unbrokenknowngirl – New York-he went back in May, fell in love with it and wanted me to see it with him one day.

Keziah_spiegel – We want to go to Italy and England! Italy because of its history and how beautiful it is, England because of the sites, music, theatre, and soccer.  (I may be biased but yes go to England it’s great)…

Longdistancehug – New Zealand, because we have a dream to road trip around there together.

Andressa Machado – Japan in the Besides. Beside the fact that it’s beautiful, we want to see the cherry trees blossom, we are both Buddhists, and we would like to visit the Soka Gakai headquarters.



Day 20 – Have you made any plans for the future? If so, are there any you care to share?

Angel-of-the-uss-enterprise – I’m moving to Scotland in just over a week and we’re planning on getting married. I think those are the biggest plans we’ve made so far.

Yoyoyiggityyoitsandi – I’m moving to Sacramento to move in with him in January!

Pyrrha_kinru – In a couple years I’m going to move to New York, and we’ll get an apartment together and build our lives together from there

Charlotte Parker – We plan to travel a lot once we move in together. We’ll be closing the distance in July 2018 🙂 9 months to go! I can’t wait.

Alicia McClelland – We’re getting married on December 13, 2019! Here’s the real cheesy part about that, we first met in person on December 13, 2013. We are going to foster kids in the future!


See some of our favourite answers to Questions 21-30 this weekend, and we will also be revealing our prize winner!

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