30 Days Long Distance Diaries Challenge Answers Pt 3

So, here we go, it’s time for the final Long Distance Diaries Challenge piece, and this time we are focusing on Days 21-30 – and we will also be revealing the winner of our $50 Etsy Gift Card. We hope you enjoy some of our favourite responses below and feel free to continue the challenge here in our forum!

Day 21 – Do you plan on getting any pets together? If so, which ones?

Angel-of-the-uss-enterprise – Oh my god, so many! We HAVE to get a corgi called Dumpling, and then we’re going to basically go to get a pack of dogs adopted from shelters. And cats too.

Surviving.the.distance – A CUTE PUG AND WE’RE GONNA CALL HIM FATTY. (Too funny!)…

Quackamonster – Currently I have a turtle that he accepts will be living with us. I know he wants an aquarium and a hedgehog.

Seha_bushri – We don’t have pets now and not planning towards it.

Charlotte Parker – Eventually we’d like a little kitten who we’ll name something very ‘human’ like Hillary or Hector.


Day 22 – How do you deal with arguments in your relationship?

Ldr-pocketcrusaders – We usually need some cool off time if we argue when we’re apart. The internet/distance makes it hard for us to communicate for some reason.

Unbrokenknowngirl – Normally just talk it out, say I love you after it is over.

Longdistancehug – We hug! When we know it gets too bad we stop and hug each other. (Fitting name for your blog)…

Vortexx96 – We’re so passive and then we become sarcastic and then we start laughing.

jana.clemens – We always discuss until the end…we never go to sleep angry. (I like this advice)…


Day 23 – When is your next visit planned for? If you don’t know, how long do you hope it’ll be until your next visit?

Holymotherfuckingmary – October next year. It will be the first time seeing each other!

Mshinektunes– Next year hopefully and it’s a permanent move, not a stay working on it hoping that things work faster. (That’s so exciting!)…

Kellymoz_ – Hopefully October 20th, if not definitely New Years for our anniversary.

Adventrueknd – We are currently enjoying a visit, and the next visit is going to be over Christmas!

Evelatorre18_ – Well my plan is to visit her on 2019 (after I graduate college), and I am planning on moving in with her (at Orlando, Florida) in 2020.


Day 24 – Do you play any games together? If so, which ones?

641milesbetweenus – Yes we do! Currently, we have been using the app Happy Couple and have enjoyed learning more about each other.

Cassdn12 – We play Draw Something and Trivia Crack Kingdoms, but also, he bought me Diablo 3 so we could play it together on Xbox.

713milesapart – Little behind on this one but we actually met playing games! We play Minecraft and sometimes FPS games.

Alicia McClelland – LOTS. When we were LD, we played quizup and triviacrack a lot. Together, we play lots of card games and board games.


Day 25 – What are you most excited to experience together in the future?

Franciskachen – Travelling around the world.

Keziah_spiegel – Getting to come home to each other and wake up together! Also getting a dog!

Cassdn12 – I’m probably most excited to be able to spend so much time together, living in the same place! Getting to do everything that we’ve always wanted to do together!

Rubieslane – We’re getting married in December then I’m moving with him from PA to CA.

Sw_rosalina_garsia – Well I am moving in with him and his family this summer, I am so excited to start our lives together and have a family.



Day 26 – What is the most important aspect of a relationship to you?

Tea – I think that there are many important aspects to a good relationship, any relationship. Those include honesty, supporting each other, loyalty, appreciation, etc

713milesapart – The most important aspect of a relationship for me is communication.

Quackamonster – Communication, honesty, trust and being 100% yourself.

Longdistancehug – Always listen to each other.

Tammy – Constantly showing you appreciate your partner and truly care for them is definitely a big part of keeping the love alive.


Day 27 – What do you think is the hardest thing about an LDR?

Thislovesongtoyou – The hardest thing is feeling like you’re missing out on everything. (I totally feel this one)…

641milesbetweenus –   I personally find very difficult seeing couples on my daily life and having to deal with the envy that comes with it.

Unbrokenknowngirl – When you’re having a bad day and they can’t physically comfort you.

Sw_rosalina_garsia – I think the hardest thing about Ldr is being away from each other, and not being able to kiss, Cuddle, etc.

Andressa Machado – The goodbyes are the worst.



Day 28 – What do you think are important qualities for people to have in an LDR?

Holymotherfuckingmary – Trust, communication and honesty.

Cassdn12 – Patience, optimistic, trusting, honest, communicative, determined, and romantic.

Kellymoz_ – Trust, communication, patience, determination, and so much love and commitment.

Charlotte Parker – I think it’s important to be loyal and honest obviously but also I think the ability to open up and really connect with another person.

Alicia McClelland – Determination to beat the distance is soooooo important.


Day 29 – What are some positive impacts you feel distance has had on your relationship?

641milesbetweenus – Not to sound too cliche…but I think that it has made us appreciate the time that we have together more.

Mariebelle520 – I think in regular relationships the physical stuff can sometimes make you think there’s more to it than there really is, but when all you can do is talk, you can truly get to know someone deeply.

Longdistancehug – I feel like a full grownup because I have to travel all the time on my own.

713milesapart – I’d say that the number one positive for us has been our communication skills.

Andressa Machado – It made us stronger and to believe that after this we can go through anything together.



Day 30 – What advice would you give to other couples in LDRs?

Angel-of-the-uss-enterprise – Keep your communication open, talk to each other as often as you can. You’ve got to trust each other or everything will fall apart immediately.

Keziah_spiegel – Arguing over little things is stupid. Distance does make you appreciate each other more, be patient and trust one another. It is worth it.

Seha_bushri – Be patient, be loyal, trust more and give space to each other during the time lapse.

Adventureknd – Don’t try to compare your relationship to anyone else’s, every LDR is unique and a couple must embrace what works for them.

Pyrrha_kinru – Never give up, communication is always key, and never take every second with them for granted.

Quackamonster – Talk about long-term goals to make sure you both aren’t wasting time/energy in the heartache of being apart for long periods of time.


So there we have it! Thank you to everyone for taking part in this challenge, we hope you have enjoyed it – we definitely have! We had a massive 896 answers over the 30 days, 128 people took part overall, and there were 12 people who completed all 30 days putting them in contention for our prize!

And so, the winner of our $50 Etsy gift card prize is… Quackamonster! We hope you enjoy your gift card, and once again thank you everyone for taking part!

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