About Us

Long Distance Diaries© is an all-inclusive community for couples in long distance relationships, for others considering them and for any curious minds.

Our mission is to bring awareness and normality to the idea of long distance relationships and show how beautiful and romantic they can really be. Our website is designed to be as diverse as possible, including all different types of long distance relationships including the Milso and LGBTQAI+ community. We also want to support the long distance community in any way we can. We have various programs on the site to accomplish this goal.

Our Writers

Our diverse group of writers have been carefully chosen to provide the best articles possible. They are all part of long distance relationships, writing advice from experience and what they found works best. All of our writers are really passionate about the long distance community which is what makes them so special to our team.

We also have special guest writers to make sure we cover all aspects of long distance relationships and feature other blogs in the community. You can apply to write a special article for us here.

In addition to advice articles, we also provide special DIY ideas and tutorials, special holiday posts, featured couples and storytimes.

All writers for our website are featured here, so make sure to check them out!

Our Forums

Our team wanted to create a community on this website and we thought the perfect way to do this was to have open forums for our members. Anyone in the long distance community can join these forums to chat with other members, share and get advice and make friends in the community. We know being in a long distance relationship can feel lonely without a support group, so we wanted to provide that for you. The long distance community has helped us in so many ways and we want to give back as much as we can.

As a member of the forums you’ll have your own profile where you can choose a display picture, a banner to show your personality and a biography. You’ll also be able to personally contact other members and add friends so you can follow the activity of those closest to you.

Our Fund

All ad revenue goes towards our long distance couple fund, which couples can apply for in special circumstances. We wanted to do more than just give advice, we wanted to provide the opportunity for long distance couples to be with each other. There are many financial obstacles that make long distance relationships unique such as visas, plane tickets, and travel costs. We believe that money shouldn’t prevent two heart from being united.

Our criteria for applying for this fund is detailed here.

Be sure to check out our Terms of Service & Privacy Policy.

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