Advice for Keeping on Top of the Distance

As we all know, LDR’s rely on many traits such as trust, communication, and commitment; but not only that, sometimes you also need a little bit of luck. What is so great about the LDR community is that we all are involved in our own little unique situations, but are still united in one final goal. However, some of us have also been luckier than others. Some of us are a train away, whereas some are a couple of flights away. Some of us have more time and money at our disposal to go and meet our partners, whereas, unfortunately, some of us are extremely limited with those resources.

This article is mainly for those who are in the latter; for those who cannot afford to see their partner, maybe haven’t seen them in months or years, and for those who don’t have a future meet in sight.

We’ve all been there – it’s normal

Take my LDR for example, despite being together almost 2 years me and my girlfriend never had the opportunity to meet in person. We were an international LDR, I was at university (aka ridiculously busy and no spare money), and she was in her final years of high-school without any source of income. Her parents also didn’t know about the relationship for quite a long time because she was worried they wouldn’t approve, so we had a ridiculous number of barriers standing in our way and we never had the chance to meet face to face.

I know there will be many LDR couples out there who face similar problems to mine. Yes, there are some who are lucky enough to meet a few times a year, but there will be so many who simply don’t have that option. I know how hard it can be, to be confined to video chats, no countdown to look forward to, no end in sight. I know it can sometimes can truly weigh you down, and sometimes it can lead you to thinking that maybe the best option is for the both of you to just give up.

Please don’t! Unless you both have decided that it is the only option left. You should try and remember why you got into the relationship in the first place. Remember back to when you and your partner started dating; you had no countdown, no dates set, no idea of what the future was to bring, but you knew you wanted to make it work! You were willing to take on and beat the distance, and that won’t have suddenly changed now.

Some tips and tricks to pass the time

Time passes so quickly, we all know that. There will be a countdown. There will be an end date. One day it will no longer be skyping, it will be face to face. And until then, keep fighting, keep at it, keep finding new ways to communicate. Our writer J wrote about some cute apps for LDR couples (link), and I also have some ideas that can help you all.

One of my favourite things me and my ex did in our LDR was to create playlists for one another with our favourite songs, and it felt great to know we were listening to the same tunes. We also tried to make bucket lists for our future, played games together on our phones, and even planned our dream home. Other ideas you could try include taking a class together, sharing a journal, and watching movies through Skype. Snapchat is an excellent way to keep up to date with each other throughout the day, and the silly filters make everything more fun.

Making each other feel as included as possible in your individual lives is essential to maintain a long distance relationship where you may have never met or cannot see each other for very long periods of time. The countdowns may seem daunting but once you find a routine you both enjoy the time will zip by and you’ll be hand in hand, finally conquering the distance.

We created this this community at Long Distance Diaries to help you all, especially when you need help, advice, or are generally struggling. Whether you are meeting next week, or don’t know when you’ll ever meet; whether you’re international or an hour away, you have a place here! Let’s beat this distance together!

About Michael

Michael, 22, is a writer for Long Distance Diaries. He works in Data Services, is an avid reader, writer, blogger, tweeter, and was in a LDR for almost 2 years. Twitter - @mikejwake