Be Our Valentine Event Winners

Congratulations to our winners of the “Be Our Valentine” event we hosted on Instagram! We feel so honoured to have you as our valentines this year. 💕 As a special surprise, here are a few special words from your sweetheart.

“I’m from Malaysia and he is from The States. We met online and FaceTime the same night we matched on August 2016. We met face to face the next day before he had to fly back. We kept in touch and met the 2nd time in October when he came back for work. We officially became a couple in October and met again in December in Hong Kong and he is here now for 2 weeks! We spent a total of 16 days being physically together in the 5 months we have met and it has been nothing but wonderful 🐯💙🐧”

“Sayang, u have been nothing but a blessing to me. I am totally grateful to have met you. You are an amazing human being. Thank you for being you and thank you for choosing me. Everyday feels like Valentine’s Day when I’m with you 💙😘😘😘”


About Tammy

Tammy is the creator of Long Distance Diaries. Apart from her passion for the LDR community, she is a professional cat lady, avid gamer and full-time nursing student.