Cute, Fun & Helpful Apps for Long Distance Couples

There are hundreds of applications you can use to communicate with your significant other when they're far away. There’s Skype, Google Hangout, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, I could go on! But sometimes, you just want something a little more intimate and just for the two of you; that's where this list comes in! Sometimes the choices can be overwhelming, and being in an LDR I can speak first hand for that. Hopefully this list helps you figure out where to start your search! Plus all the apps explained below are free! Couple This app lets you share a private timeline with your partner...

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Dealing With Jealousy & Mistrust in Your LDR

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One of the biggest issues in relationships, especially LDR’s, is jealously, and trust issues. You’re hundreds to thousands of miles away from your partner and rather than seeing them a few times a week, you see them 1-2 times a year. You both have your own friends, hobbies, jobs, and most of the time you’re wondering what they’re up to, where they are, and who they’re with. This tends to bring out various irrational fears in us all: will they find someone closer to home? Will they let the distance win? Will they meet someone better? It’s okay to feel...

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