LGBTQAI+ LDR: Sam & Garrette

"We may have to spend months away from our loved ones but in return, each reunion is like the first." Tell us a little bit about yourselves! S: Well I (Sam) am a barista for Starbucks, I have a huge heart, and love art and music! Music festivals are the best too! G: My name is Garrette. I'm 23 years old and I live in Juneau, Alaska. I'm an optimistic person who loves all and respects all. My favorite things are cars, driving, camping, traveling, music and my boy Sam. :) How did you two meet? How long have you been together?...

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LGBTQAI+ LDR: Awkward Dates & Coming Out

Hi Andy & Joana! Tell us a little about yourselves. "Our first meet can be defined in one word: awkward." We're a long distance couple both from Portugal. Even though we are both from the same country we are rarely together because we live in different cities and don't have the schedule or the money to be together every week. We started talking in September 16th of 2015 and since then we just kept getting more interested in each other and fell in love. None of us were out of the closet at the time so we couldn't meet, Andy's...

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LGBTQAI+ LDR: Tumblr Fanfic & Closing the Distance

Meet Aurianna & Summer!   "The first time we met was a beautiful mess." Tell us a little about yourselves. Aurianna: Hiiii, my name is Aurianna, I’m nineteen years old, I’m an early childhood education major, and I’m from Vancouver Canada. I’m a bisexual feminist, who dreams of being a fairy princess superhero/vampire slayer. I love to write poetry, draw pretty girls, and watch Star Wars. I love One direction, tattoos, and soft pretzels. And I’ve probably touched glitter in the last twelve hours. Summer: My name’s Summer and I’m a tall lesbian who likes Halloween and pups. I’m an aspiring witch/writer/language...

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