Closing the Distance & Life Post-LDR: Kristen & Seth

Who We Are

I’m Kristen and he is Seth. I love dogs and food and I swear I’m a mermaid. Seth loves gaming and music and aspires to be a writer. We grew up with completely different backgrounds and family values. I am one of five kids and come from a very religious family. Seth is an only child who grew up mostly without a father and, although was brought up with good morals, is not religious in the slightest. Most importantly, we are two people who lived hundreds of miles away and somehow managed to fall in love.

How We Met

We met by accident back in November of 2008. We were playing World of Warcraft and were both in a party with a mutual friend. We didn’t speak to each other even once while we were in the group. The next day we happened to bump into each other while playing and remembered that we had been in a party. We started to talk and quickly became friends. Months later, we were chatting outside of the game and learning more about each other as individuals and not just what our avatars were capable of (haha?). In August 2009 he told me he loved me. I was scared and unsure of what to do or say and like the great person I am, I left him hanging without a response. How’s that for a guy’s ego? Our friendship remained intact, however, and we were constantly texting every day. Just after midnight on Dec 24th, 2009 we decided to just got for it. Later that day I told him I loved him for the first time.

What Being in an LDR Was Like for Us

Being in an LDR was very difficult for us. I hid my relationship with Seth from my parents because I knew they would not approve. Our first month of the relationship was the best. We were enveloped in the feeling of new love and hope for the future. However, my parents found out about us and for the next 3 years did all they could to sever our connection. We worked very hard just to be able to talk to each other. As anyone in an LDR knows, communication is not just an important part; it is the most important part. Without it there is no relationship. We had some beautiful moments and sweet exchange of words during that period of time on our relationship. Every day knowing each other just proved that we were meant to be and this was worth it.



How We Closed the Distance

In Dec 2012 I had a very unfortunate incident with my parents. When that happened, Seth resolved that he was going to come get me and we would live together. January 2013 I packed up everything I could fit into two suitcases and, with the help of a friend, was picked up by Seth and we drove 400 or so miles back to his apartment where he lived with his mom. February 1st was my first day in my new home with my wonderful man.

Life Post LDR

Life after an LDR is interesting. The 6 months to a year of living together was so exciting. Talking face to face, hugging whenever we wanted, and kissing a bunch were my favorite things! We appreciated the little things for 3 years we never had that luxury. As the years go by, the excitement fades and you start to become more like a “typical” couple. You learn to do your own things and spend less time all over each other. You never forget what it was like to be apart, though.

Why it Was Worth It

Being in an LDR teaches you a lot. You learn what your limits are in a relationship. You learn what type of person you are compatible with. You learn how important communication is. Being in an LDR can also teach you how to write some creative things *wink*. Most importantly, when you have someone that you know in your heart is a person you could love for the rest of your life, you fight for it. You become strong. Our LDR was worth it because it brought together two completely different people, forced us into really difficult situations, and rewarded us with a really great loving bond. That bond won’t be easily broken by the mundane routine of an ordinary day or the stupid petty arguments every couple has. We know how to fight for what is worth it, and we will always be worth it.

About Tammy

Tammy is the creator of Long Distance Diaries. Apart from her passion for the LDR community, she is a professional cat lady, avid gamer and full-time nursing student.