Online Date Night Suggestions

When you’re in a long distance relationship, feeling connected can sometimes be a little more difficult than when you’re together in person. Maybe you feel like most of your time together is just watching a screen where your significant other is displayed, or that you don’t have enough to say over the phone to keep the conversation alive.

Date nights can be a great way to bring you and your significant other together for some quality time and make you feel closer. They often incorporate external sources to take the pressure off the attention required via video chatting, phone conversations or texting. Here are a few ideas for how to get that date night going and how to achieve the most out of it!

How to Start Up a Date Night

Have a regularly scheduled night to look forward to.
Even if you don’t have any activities planned yet, set a day of the week where you take time to specifically be with each other. Quite often, the week demands your attention and takes you away from you partner, so try to stick to a particular day that you and your significant other can countdown to.

Find the right time.
Following on from the previous point, if you are in different time zones, have an open talk with your partner about when date night would be best for them. Find a time during the week where you are both most relaxed and have the least amount of obligations elsewhere. This will help with a smooth, uninterrupted night together.

Decide what you want to do beforehand.
Once you’re online, it’s difficult to find things to do and you end up spending the whole time trying to narrow down an activity you both agree on. Plan in advance for things you would both like to do, that way you can enjoy the time you spend together more productively.

Get dressed up.
It’s not often you’ll have the chance to dress up for your partner, because most of the time spent together is whenever you can fit it into the day. Getting dressed up for the event can make you feel like it’s a special night. Feeling fancy can create positive vibes and that will set the tone for the evening.

Activities to do Together

With time zones, this can be a bit tricky. Whether it be your partner having dinner and you having breakfast, set up your laptop/phone/iPad and be in the kitchen together! Lots of giggles will ensue while you share the simple experience of cooking/baking together.

Go out to a café or coffee shop.
Most cafés or coffee shops like Starbucks have Wi-Fi, so it’s a perfect opportunity to bring up Skye and drink some coffee together. It’s even nicer when you can sit on the outdoor patio of the café, where you can both see the different city backdrops of where you’re from.

Watch Movies/ TV Series
This is definitely one of the most common and sweet things to do. Movie watching is easy – unless you can’t agree on one to watch! Finding a TV series to follow along with enables you both to have a weekly schedule set up automatically, unless you’re binge watching. In that case, enjoy and remember to take breaks for sleeping and eating!

Play Games
There are so many options for game play that have been mentioned on the site already. It’s a proven way to enjoy each other’s company in a fun environment. These include online games; board games, card games, mod games etc. Phone apps can also be great fun, like the old faithful QuizUp or Draw Something.  There’s even Google Feud, which is loads of fun.

Take Quizzes
Learning about yourself and your partner through asking questions is really enjoyable. But sometimes it’s hard to know what questions to ask. Try the tumblr tags for couples quizzes or download Happy Couple! You could also take personality quizzes such as the 16 personalities test and see if the two of you get different results.It’s a lovely way to get a discussion going about what your partner values and the similarities or differences you may have.

Listen to Music
If certain music moves you, let it move you both by listening to a playlist at the same time. Music can often create an emotional response, so it will give you a chance to enjoy the sensitivities of each other while indulging in the musical world.

If you both have a copy of a book you like, take turns reading aloud while the other follows along. Alternatively, read a set amount of chapters throughout the week and catch up together on date night to discuss what you liked/disliked about the chapters you read. Audiobooks are great in this regard too if you can’t read to your partner too loud due to time zone differences. A great source of audiobooks is Audible.

Be Creative
You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. Have a craft night where you both work on little projects and show the other. You could make the same thing and compare the two, giggle about how terrible or well you went. Or each make something to surprise your SO and show each other when you’re done. Another great way to be creative is to use the sketching feature on the Couple App, which the two of you could draw on together, live.

Do your date nights go something like the ones noted here? Let us know if you do anything different so our community can try something new!

About Tianna

Tianna is a 23 year old from Australia. She works part time as a business administrator, but spends most of her time on music and writing. She has been in an LDR for almost 4 years.