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    Lauren Canada

    Hey everyone!
    My name is Lauren and was a little active a few months ago getting advice on my boyfriend.
    Anyway 10 days ago was the first time we met, he flew from Germany to Canada to see me and it was the most nervous I had EVER been. After the first day we got used to the other being there in person and had the best time.
    The past few days have been amazing and probably the best days of my life, just being in the arms of the one I have loved for a year and a half.
    Today though I had to drop him at the airport and I cried the whole way there.
    Its so much harder than I thought it would be.
    We have no idea when i’ll be able to get over to him so that makes it even worse.
    Nothing to look forward to right now like we have been for months.
    Anyone have any tips for the after meeting??
    Feeling like death.

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    Hi Lauren,

    You need to try and focus on all the great times you had on your meet, try not to think too far ahead, and settle back into the routine and the system that you had before. I personally think routines in LDR’s are quite important, it can help us to feel more positive about the relationship rather than focusing on the negatives, and it helps the time to go more quickly before your next meet.

    Michael 🙂

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    Hi Lauren!

    I am sorry you feel this way, but it is totally understandable to feel sad after a visit.
    On this website you can find advice that I wrote about this topic.
    You can read it here:

    How to: Cope with Distance After a Visit

    I hope that it will be of some help.
    We are here for you if you need to talk.

    Tea 🙂

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    Hey Lauren,

    So happy that you guys got to experience meeting! It’s seriously the best but totally sucks when the visit is over. My boyfriend just left too like a week ago, and I feel you. Like you said, happy to sad real quick lol

    I agree with Michael that getting back into your routine is important. It’s a little bit of normalcy that helps you get out of the post-visit funk. Lots of distractions help too, and just time in general. I know for me, video chatting helps a lot helps too. Like it sucks a little at first but getting back to the routine of it helps – if that makes sense 😅

    I know you said you don’t know when you’ll be seeing each other again but I think you should totally set like a tentative date, because then at least you’ll have a goal and something to look towards, you know?
    And Tea did post her article for you with some other v helpful advice

    I know it’s been a few days since you’ve posted this.. How are you feeling now? Any better?

    – Jaymiee

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