Guest Post: 6 Online Dating Tips No One Told You Before

Warning: In this article I am going to be very honest and straightforward.

You have been on an online dating site like some other singles with little success. Or, you just found one amazing site and would love to get some surefire online dating tips that will guarantee you instant success.

There is a very high increase in the number of new members on online dating sites. And being such a competitive dating arena, for example interracial dating, these sites have an international membership. So you definitely need to follow a few tips to up your game and make you stand out.

Believe it or not, the online dating community is a part of the long distance relationship community! You don’t always meet someone close to home.

Long distance relationship blogs rarely talk about the “mingling phase” of LDRs, so we’re tackling this topic on Long Distance Diaries.

Here are some online dating tips that will save you the embarrassment and frustrations of online dating.

1.       Be honest and be yourself

Now, most people usually feel the need to stretch the truth on their dating profiles to make themselves more appealing. Yes, you need to sell yourself, but you also need to be yourself despite your fear of rejection.

See, when someone reads a profile that you weren’t honest in, the truth is bound to slip out eventually. Being caught in a lie can snuff out that initial spark.

If you are honest, you will get matched with someone you are truly compatible with… someone who truly finds you interesting. Take your chances. Be yourself and you will meet the person who is right for you. Instead of doing some push and pull dance, you are better meeting the right person who appreciates who you are from the get-go.

2.       Even if your older photos are the “best” version of yourself, get a fresh one.

Continuing with honesty, get a good flattering picture of your recent self, regardless of what you think people are attracted to online. Take one that really looks like you… wrinkles and all. Don’t alter the photo by photoshopping or using “beauty apps”.

These are over flattery and all they say on your profile is that you don’t like who you are. This could drive away suitors that sense you have a low self-esteem. Plus, posting pictures of you dressed too sexy can scream desperation and gain you the wrong kind of attention.

Own your body. If you are curvy, own those curves and wear flattering clothing for your body type and your age. Also, don’t just upload one photo. Add more of you doing things that interest you. Are you outdoorsy? Artsy? Sporty? Love to cook? Treat your profile pictures as a teaser for who you really are.

3.       Chat at night

People are usually more relaxed between 9 p.m. and 11 pm. They have had their dinner and have probably showered ready to get to bed. Now the beauty of hitting up someone this time of night is darkness has always added some romance to everything.

Chatting at this time, people are more likely to respond to you and entertain you. So make use of these hours.

4.       Avoid negative words and hating on your ex

“I don’t want to meet a person who…” “I hate men (or women) who are…” Does this mean you have no flaws? These make you look uptight. Basically, you are dismissing someone who is probably the perfect fit for you but has this one flaw which given the chance, you can work around it.

Another thing that puts lots of daters off is hating on your ex. There is a reason he is your ex. Or are you still hung up on them? Let bygones be bygones if you want to increase your chances. Don’t let your ex cast a shadow over you.

5.       Only reply to people you are interested in

We don’t want you wasting your time and energy on someone who didn’t impress you in the first place. Just respond to messages from people who are appealing to you. That way you narrow down to the one person that you click with faster.

6.       Meet up as soon as possible

As much as one is supposed to exercise some caution online, once you hit it off with someone and you feel they are the right fit, schedule to meet up with them sooner than later. Unless they live out of state or on the other side of the world. In that case, schedule a Skype date ASAP and begin saving up for that big trip to see each other.

The sooner you meet up, the sooner you find out if your online chemistry works offline and whether you can continue building a relationship or go back to the drawing board. Just tell a friend or have someone go with you to the restaurant and have them sit at a different table. Always exercise some caution. If you’re flying to a different country or travelling to a different city, always have a charged cellphone, meet in a public place and let your friends/family know where you are at all times.

Online dating can be exciting and lead to you to meet people you would have never had the chance to in your day-to-day life. There’s a reason so many couples are starting their relationships online.

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Tammy is the creator of Long Distance Diaries. Apart from her passion for the LDR community, she is a professional cat lady, avid gamer and full-time nursing student.