How to Find The Cheapest Airline Tickets | Part Two

Now that we’ve explored how to get the cheapest tickets through a few little tweaks to your browsing habits, we can now explore where.


Kayak is a really good resource for finding the cheapest tickets, hotels and car rentals. This is the site that I personally use all the time. There are three amazing features of this site that make it stand out:

  1. They compare the prices of 300+ airlines around the world.
  2. They gives you advice on whether you should buy your ticket now, or wait.
  3. They have a bunch of tools to make your search easier (shown below).


You can download their mobile app for Android here or Apple here.


This site can function like any other airfare comparing website but what makes it special is that it takes advantage of one-way itineraries. Instead of making a round-trip flight, you would purchase two one-way flights. A fellow reditor (@letmebehealthy) explained it really well:

“The site leverages price discrepancies with multi-stop itineraries. Eg. You’re at A and want to travel to B, you’d go on Skiplagged and type A to B, and it will give you an itinerary where your final destination is A->B-C and you get off at B instead. Just make sure to never check bags otherwise they’ll go to C.”

Also, at the top right corner they show a trend report on the fluctuations in pricing. This is really key for finding the cheapest time to fly out.

You can download their mobile app for Android here or for Apple here.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

My partner raves about Scott’s email subscription because somehow they find the cheapest flights you would have never found on your own. If you’re a free subscriber, you’ll get one third of the deals they send out. If you’re a paid subscriber ($40 annually) you’ll receive all of the fares they discover and you’ll receive the email or text before the free subs (this is key if you want to buy the ticket before it sells out). If you really love travelling and are flexible with the destination, this is definitely the option for you as a free sub. If you want to choose your departure airport, you’ll have to have a paid subscription.

What’s great is that they will give you back 100% of your money if you feel the subscription doesn’t benefit you within 30 days.

Spirit Airlines

Spirit is one of the youngest fleets in America so their prices are very cheap. Spirit Airlines unfortunately doesn’t fly everywhere just yet, so you’ll have to check out their website to see if they fly to an airport near you. Currently they only have flights in North and South America, so if you only need to fly in these continents you will save a lot of money. I personally usually spend about $300-400 but found the same flight for $230. Definitely worth checking out!


There are dozens of options promising the cheapest prices but I wanted to share with you my favourites. Hopefully out of the four I’ve listed you’ll find a website that really works for you and save a few bucks (you’re welcome!). We all know we could do with more money in our pockets while traveling.

In the future if there are new really great sites or if I find even better browsing tips, I’ll write another article to keep you in the loop.

For now, I wish you the best of luck!

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