How to: Look Great on Webcam on any Occasion

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How to look good on webcam on any occasion

Even if we know that it’s not just the physical aspect that matters, we want to look good when we are talking to someone we care about. Especially on those cute LDR date nights, like on anniversaries or birthdays.

Improving how you look on webcam is actually pretty simple, and we’ve laid out some great tips for you to try. We promise it’ll improve your webcam experience and help boost your confidence so you don’t have to keep checking that little window in the corner (we’ve all been there!). 

◊ Put your webcam in level with you hairline

It means that you will be looking slightly up to camera lens, instead of looking down at it. It’s much more flattering than showing your partner some not-so-cute parts of your face, such as your under chin, nasal cavities, etc.

Tip: You might want to elevate your laptop, webcam or phone on several books, to achieve the best position.

◊ Play with the angle

Once you have your webcam set up at the right level, it’s time to adjust the angle. It will take you only a few seconds, but it makes a great difference in creating the best visual effects.

Tip: Try tilting your cam slightly upwards or downwards until you are happy with the result. Also, keep in mind your “good side” when choosing where and how you will be sitting.

◊ Choose adequate lighting

I know it seems like too much fuss for just a Skype date, but this might be the most important piece of advice so far. Make sure that you put a small lamp in the center, just behind your laptop. If you can use daylight, it’s even better! In that case, center the sun light, so it’s falling directly to your face.

Tip: They key is to have it all centered: your lightening aligned with your face, and your camera aligned with your laptop. This will make sure there are no unflattering shadows on your face.

 ◊ Wear the right color

Although not totally necessary, this is an extra touch. Not every color will complement your skin tone. This means that your face can actually appear more or less attractive, depending on the colour alone. Image consulting experts claim that you fit in either a Warm or Cool color pallete category. Use this knowledge to wear clothes in colors that make your skin radiant. Not only for Skype date 🙂

Tip: Here you can find a great website for understanding the right color that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Take the Gold and Silver Test, and find out your matching colors.

◊ Look to the camera lens

We like to check how we look while we’re on webcam, but it does not always seem natural to the one who is looking at us on the other side of the screen. Look towards camera lens, and it will appear as if you are talking face-to-face with your partner. Avoid looking away, looking down, or staring at yourself.

Tip: The same as in real life, communication experts say that we should look at the person we are talking to for about 5 to 10 seconds, and then look away for a moment, and repeat the process. This way you will appear more confident and you will definitely give the impression that you are paying attention to the conversation.

◊ Just smile!

Genuinely smiling will make you feel more confident, and therefore more attractive 😉 Even if you feel shy when you first put your camera on, smiling will have a relaxing effect both on you and your partner.

Tip: You can have more fun with your appearance by adding webcam visual effects. If you don’t have them already built in, you can try free effects on several available websites, such as Seenly.

At the end of the day, worrying about how you look on webcam all the time isn’t a priority. How much you enjoy your time together is what is important.

We hope these simple tips will be useful on those special Skype dates, and some simple enough to use all the time! Have fun together and make every moment count.

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