How To: Make A Memory Book!

Want to make a really unique, entirely personal present for your SO (significant other)? If your SO is the sentimental type, they’re definitely going to love this.

Essentials and Optionals:

  • A Scrapbook (plain or patterned cover)
  • Sequins, Stickers, Ribbon, Coloured Paper
  • Pens, Pencils, Ruler, Eraser, Sticky Tape, Glue, Scissors
  • Photos, Drawings, Cards, Tickets



First Step: Plan, plan, plan…

Before starting, it’s a good idea to figure out if you would like to have it as an ongoing project, that you will add to as time goes on and you have new experiences, or if you would like to do it for a fixed amount of time, like your first year as a couple.

Once you’ve decided on the timeline, use spare paper to make a note of each month you want to include (up to the present, if it’s ongoing) and jot down what memories you want to include. Make the notes as detailed as you want them to be in the memory book, so that you know how much space it will take up and you can make any changes you want before putting them in the book.

What can you put in your memory book?

  • writing about music you both like and any songs that you consider to be “your songs”
  • pictures or drawings of each other
  • screenshots of your texts or video chats
  • letters you’ve sent or received
  • online and/or real life dates you’ve had
  • special gifts they gave you that you want to thank them more for
  • future holidays and plans you’ve talked to them about
  • quotes that are important to you both
  • plane/train/bus tickets

Second Step: Be creative ! 

I started with the front cover, as I got a scrapbook with a plain cover. You can skip this if you have a patterned scrapbook. Design ideas could be anything from wrapping paper to paint, stickers to drawings, just their name to “Our Memory Book”, etc. I chose to write my SO’s name in bubble letters across the cover and draw random curved lines in different colours (see image below).

If you’d like, the first page inside can be a dedication to your partner, e.g “I’m making this memory book for you to…. because….”, or you could dive straight into the first month. Keep at it until it’s complete and remember, you don’t have to be an artist to make this memory book. Give it your best and your SO will love it no matter what.

Good luck!

About Kai

Kai, 21, is a writer on Long Distance Diaries. She is a British Sign Language student who enjoys being creative, watching films/tv shows with her LDR boyfriend, working with d/Deaf people and helping find solutions when someone asks for advice. She and her boyfriend are both part of the LGBT+ community, navigating life's highs and lows together, despite the distance.