How to Send Gifts Without A Mailing Address

There is a stage in long distance relationships where you exchange addresses. Maybe you and your partner aren’t at that stage of your relationship yet, and that’s totally OK! However that doesn’t mean that you can’t get them a gift to open on that special occasion or just because. There are still ways to send your partner a gift without knowing their address, so don’t worry!

In my opinion, gifting from one’s Amazon wish list is the best option in this situation. In order to be able to gift from your partner’s Amazon wish list, you’ll both need to follow a few steps.

1. Your partner will need to enable and assign their gifting address.

They can find this setting by clicking “Your Account” under the Accounts and Lists drop down menu, and then clicking the “Your Addresses” section.

2. Your partner must select a shipping address, make their wish list public, and enable third party shipping for the wish list you will be buying from.

They can do this by going to the Wish List page, and pressing “Edit this list” to change the settings. If they don’t do this you probably will have problems being able to ship to them, so make sure they don’t skip this step!

3. Add your partner to your friends list.

Under the “Friends & Family Gifting” tab in the accounts and list drop down menu.
Look up your partner’s profile by typing their name or e-mail. Searching by e-mail is imo the best way to go here, because that will 100% be their profile. Otherwise you’ll have to weed them out of all the others with the same name!
Now you will be able to see your partner’s profile and most importantly, the wish list!!!

4. Add their wish list items to your cart! 🛍️

5. Proceed to checkout.

Once you do this your partner’s name will appear among your other shipping addresses. Their full address will be hidden, only their name, city and state will be visible to you!

I am an amazon-aholic, but if you’d like some other options you can check out SwiftGift, Giftagram, or try some good old fashioned virtual gifts!

About Jaymiee

Jaymiee is a writer for Long Distance Diaries. She is a graduate with her BS in Marketing, and has been in a very long distance relationship for over six years.