International LDR: Brianna & Mark

Brianna created her blog as a birthday surprise for her boyfriend, Mark! Go and give their blog a follow at

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Hi Brianna, tell us a little bit about yourselves.

“Well my name is Brianna. I am 18 years old from the United States. I’m in love with this guy named Mark from Northern Ireland. We’ve known each other since January of this year, and started dating in February. Our favorite thing to do is argue over stupid things; not your average arguments from couples, but arguments over who is cuter or how to pronounce certain words.”

How did you two meet? What were your first impressions of each other?

“We met over Kik in January. Now I wasn’t expecting anything from Kik. I was expecting nothing but catfishes, but then I looked at him. I invited him to a group chat, and I’m not sure how he got on my list honestly. But he started talking with us and I felt something click. The first time I saw him was on webcam with a group of people, and as soon as he turned on his webcam my breath caught in my throat. He was stunning. Long brown hair covering these stunning crystal blue eyes. He was an angel. I started calling him “Cute Irish Boy” and that’s where the name of my blog came from. From the first thought I had when we started talking to each other one on one. “I think I’m in love with him.”

I knew. I knew before we started dating. I knew he was the right one.”

Have you two gotten a chance to visit each other? 

“We haven’t met yet, but I envisioned what it would look like.”

You can check out Brianna’s post about what she thinks their first meet will be like here.

How do you stay connected with such a big time difference?

“We talk as much as we can. Literally. There were days over breaks that we talked the whole day. We have so many phone logs where we’ve been on the phone for days. Sometimes nearly a week consecutively. It probably sounds obsessive but we don’t talk the whole time. Sometimes we just don’t want to argue over who hangs up so we just sit there. Falling asleep on the phone listening to him breathe is one of the things that gets me to sleep the easiest actually, so that’s probably the culprit of most of the hours.”

Any parting words for the readers of LDD? 

“Long distance relationships aren’t easy. I’m not going to say that they are. But no relationship is easy.

People say long distance never works out. Well most real life relationships also don’t work out.

In the beginning of that relationship you’re going to go through what I call the “honeymoon phase”. You’ll be so giddy and elated and won’t see a single flaw in your partner. Love blinds people. It’s a scientific fact that when you’re in love your mind tells you that who you are with is absolutely perfect.

At least for the first little while.

Eventually that glow is going to wear off. You want to find someone that when it does wear off it doesn’t feel like it. Every day with him is an adventure, and I haven’t lost feelings yet.

You’ll start to see flaws. Little tiny things. It’s a matter of finding someone’s flaws that you can live with. Flaws that compliment yours so well that you don’t see them as flaws anymore. Don’t give up.”

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