International LDR: Brought Together By Music

Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

T: I’m 22, coming up 23 very soon. I live north of Sydney, Australia. I’m a part time business administrator which leaves room for my main love of music/song-writing/performing. I also adore writing in general. I’m quite a confident extrovert (for the most part) but extremely sensitive emotionally, yet not many people know it. I play the Sims a lot and obsess over my dog always. I adore love, which is sometimes to my detriment with how much I’d put it first in my life. Being in a long distance relationship is something I told myself I could never manage, but here I am and I will never regret any of it.

A: I’m 25 years old, from Toronto, Canada. I’m a professional musician, composer and instructor. I have a passionate and creative mindset, thriving on the intelligent conversation and general whimsicality that Tianna never fails to deliver. I’ve got a fair balance of introversion and extroversion. I would say I’m a hopeless romantic, I love to surprise T despite how much she can’t handle surprises, and how much her faithful dog hates teddy bears.

How did you two meet? How long have you been together?

T: We met on sound cloud. He sent me a message about a song of mine that he liked and we chatted a little about our inspirations and love of music. I linked him to my YouTube videos and he made me feel all the butterflies with his compliments. That same day he added me on Facebook and we messaged on there for almost a whole day, sending pictures of our dachshund puppies and the polar opposite weather until he finally had to sleep. I already missed him when he was asleep and we didn’t even know each other at that point! After a few days we started Skyping and flirting like CRAZY. We haven’t gone a day without talking and now we’ve been together almost 4 years, coming this May!

What was your first meet like?

T: We met in person after 3 years online together. It was all kinds of exciting, slightly odd and just amazing. I waited behind the exit doors and made him call me before I came through. I was so nervous and unsettled, and obviously completely jet lagged after 22 hours of travelling. I felt really out of my depth and shy when I first saw him, and that was so unlike me. I was so excited but didn’t know how to express it. It was really odd for the first few minutes, his voice was different and he looked almost cartoon to me! No matter how well I knew him online, meeting was always going to mean getting to know a new side of him. He was tall and handsome, and I was immediately more in love with him than ever. I wrote a huge post about it on tumblr with a whole lot of emotional details –

A: Our first meet was unforgettable on so many levels. It remains as one of the most powerful feelings of excitement and fear in my life. Not necessarily a negative fear though… something I like to call ”roller coaster fear”: Having such a strong desire and sense of courage for something you’re equally and wholly terrified for. My heart was relentlessly pounding out of my chest while I waited for her to emerge through the gates. I can still feel the overwhelming flood and gushing of emotion when she first pierced me with her deep green eyed gaze. I can still feel her curiously touching & tickling my beard. I truly felt like the luckiest person; the stars had aligned and our adventure finally began.

Do you have any plans to close the distance?

T: I’m in the best position to move over there for good. I could relocate quite easily (apart from money and work and being away from family). There’s a lot of differences we’re trying to work through, but we hope it’ll be a possibility within the next 2 years. I don’t think I could wait any longer than that!

A: We do, and as soon as possible. I know I speak for the both of us when I say we want the ”long distance” part of our relationship to be as brief as we can possibly get it. (With all due respect to those who can manage it for years on end).

Any parting words for the readers of LDD?

T: Apart from the already mentioned and extremely important trust, having a balance between being online and being present at home is also crucial. It’s the hardest thing to do, especially when you just want to spend time with your significant other, but it’ll keep you sane!

A: Knowing that you’re not alone can help more than you think. Use websites like these to remind you that there’s a network of support and people who are going through the same things as you. And alike so many other things in like, patience is absolutely key.

About Tammy

Tammy is the creator of Long Distance Diaries. Apart from her passion for the LDR community, she is a professional cat lady, avid gamer and full-time nursing student.