International LDR: Meeting Through Gaming

Question: Tell us a little about yourselves.

Tammy: “My name is Tammy, I’m a nursing student in Canada, currently in my 3rd year and I guess I can say I used to be really, really shy. I’m surprised I made so many friends online back in the day. I really like reading, writing, cooking and all those adventurey activities like rock-climbing and hiking. One of my favourite hobbies is gaming. i play a lot of Overwatch now, but I used to be really into MMORPGs. I am also 21, currently.”

Gerald: “My name is Gerald and I am a project manager for a medical billing company in Florida. I am 27 years old. I enjoy playing video games, watching movies and spending time with Tammy.”

Question: How did you two meet?

Tammy: “We met in a more common way than I thought. We both played a certain MMORPG (called Age of Wushu) and him and his friends joined my guild. I was Vice Leader and they were causing all kinds of problems, so I had to scold them a few times before we actually became friends *laughs*. One day we were all on raid call and his friends added me to their Skype group. Since then we have all been friends and Ger and I started dating a year later. We’ve been dating since August 19th, 2014.”

Question: What was your first time meeting in person like?

Gerald: “It was exciting. Tammy got here early and I had to rush downstairs to the lobby to let her in. I gave her a letter to read on the elevator ride up to my apartment. When we got to my apartment I told her not to touch my dog because she (the dog) was pretty mean but she didn’t listen and tried to pet her anyways. Needless to say she got bit. After that we had an amazing time.”

Tammy: “I got there 30 minutes early and waited in the hot Florida sun for about 15 minutes in a hoody and jeans. I was literally melting by the time Gerald got downstairs. It wasn’t his fault he was late because technically he was early according to the time I gave him. I was so shy I could barely look at him as we hugged for the first time. I must have been totally red between the heat and how shy I was. I stayed there for a week and it was really fun. Probably one of the highlights of my life. He was just everything I imagined and hoped he would be.”

Question: So you’ve been together for over 2 years, do you have any plans to close the distance?

Tammy: “We both want to finish some things up before we decide on the big move. I want to finish university and Ger wants to get his PMP. Once that’s done in 2 years we’ll have a better idea of what we want to do. There’s no rush because we both want to be financially stable before we live together. Financial stress can really ruin a relationship, in our opinion.”

Question: Any parting words for the readers of LDD?

Gerald: “Trust what your significant other says or else it’ll drive you crazy.”

Tammy: “I agree, trust is really important. Communicate about absolutely everything. A LDR should be a full-disclosure agreement. That’s how we’ve managed to survive the past 2+ years. Also, never ever go to bed mad at each other, but always take a little time to cool off if a fight is getting too intense and silly. Think about it on your own and plan what you want to say. When you both come back to resolve the issue, you’ll be less upset. Good luck!”

(Full-disclosure here, I totally interviewed ourselves since I’m currently on a visit with Gerald. I hoped you enjoyed the interview and if you want your story to be featured, whether it be a milso, international, closed-distance or even long distance friendship, send us a message!)

About Tammy

Tammy is the creator of Long Distance Diaries. Apart from her passion for the LDR community, she is a professional cat lady, avid gamer and full-time nursing student.