LGBTQAI+ LDR: Sam & Garrette

Tell us a little bit about yourselves!

S: Well I (Sam) am a barista for Starbucks, I have a huge heart, and love art and music! Music festivals are the best too!

G: My name is Garrette. I’m 23 years old and I live in Juneau, Alaska. I’m an optimistic person who loves all and respects all. My favorite things are cars, driving, camping, traveling, music and my boy Sam. 🙂

How did you two meet? How long have you been together?

S: We met on tumblr through a questionnaire, and initially I had stalked him on Instagram and was so delighted by how cute and loving he was! [We’ve been together] just over a year!

G: Sam actually contacted me here on tumblr through a questionnaire I had posted. I answered a few of his questions and we just took off from there! We have known each other for over a year and a half and have been together just over a year! (June 20, 2016)

What was your first meet like?

S: Our first meet was a little strange to me. Garrette had made me a sign and everything and I just felt so normal and meeting him, even if it was the very first time! It felt like I had known him for forever. The match was perfect.

G: I cried like a baby. I was so excited yet so nervous to meet Sam. I had my best friend go with me to the airport for comfort. I had her record the moment when we met and it was beautiful! I had a sign for Sam that said, “Welcome Home” with a sign pointing to myself. It was amazing how quickly we fit together and how comfortable we were immediately. It was like we had known each other our whole lives!

Do you have any plans to close the distance?

S: Yes we plan on closing the distance, and we are working on a few options at the moment.

G: We have been trying to figure this out. I want to move to Florida to be with Sam but the only thing holding me back is a job. I have waited almost a year to work for TSA and I am almost complete with them. I want to have this job so I can give Sam everything he has ever wanted and I can love and support him.

Any parting words for the readers of LDD?

S: My advice is to definitely work on the communication and time part, being in very different time zones is tough, then add a work load and/or school, it can be one of the key hardest things to make or break a LDR. Express yourself and your thoughts to your partner in any way possible!

G: I would like you all to know that distance is only temporary. Everything happens for a reason. I know that people may think it’s cheesy but I honestly believe that distance makes the heart grow fonder. We may have to spend months away from our loved ones but in return, each reunion is like the first. Full of love and happiness and the appreciation that we share for one another! Anything is possible with true love and a little effort!!

Thank you Sam & Garrette for the awesome advice and sharing your story! You can catch these two love birds over on Garrette’s tumblr: chatofeliciano

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