LGBTQAI+ LDR: Tumblr Fanfic & Closing the Distance

Meet Aurianna & Summer!

  “The first time we met was a beautiful mess.

Tell us a little about yourselves.

Aurianna: Hiiii, my name is Aurianna, I’m nineteen years old, I’m an early childhood education major, and I’m from Vancouver Canada. I’m a bisexual feminist, who dreams of being a fairy princess superhero/vampire slayer. I love to write poetry, draw pretty girls, and watch Star Wars. I love One direction, tattoos, and soft pretzels. And I’ve probably touched glitter in the last twelve hours.

Summer: My name’s Summer and I’m a tall lesbian who likes Halloween and pups. I’m an aspiring witch/writer/language teacher, and am majoring in ESL teaching in Ottawa, Canada. I love makeup, anything spooky, One Direction, and pretty plants.

How did you two meet? How long have you been together?

Aurianna: Like a typical modern day romance, we met through Tumblr. /tagged/5sos-writing-prompts will forever hold a spot in my heart.

I was bored one day, and I wanted to read 5 Seconds of Summer fan fiction like a dork. And I came across this cute post from a little blog called lukepetal asking for people to send in Halloweeny themed 5SOS prompts. I ended up messaging her about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I nearly peed myself when she told me she loved the show, and messaged her back right away, and expressed I would love to plot a 5SOS/Buffy AU with her. It’s truly the most dorky thing ever.

We’ve been together just a little over a year now. We never really had a “let’s date!” talk, we just kinda fell in love with each other, and months later decided October 1st would be our anniversary.

Summer: We met on tumblr! I made a post about writing prompts and Aurianna messaged me about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and I was so excited because I hadn’t met many people who loved the show as much as I do, and we started talking from there. We talked about Buffy and 5sos and One Direction and we tried to come up with our own plot for a story, but we spent most of our time just talking about whatever and it didn’t take long for me to form the biggest crush on her even though it took me a little while to realize it. From there it didn’t take long for me to fall so so in love with her.

What was your first time meeting in person like?

Aurianna: The first time we met was a beautiful mess. I was completely fine on the airplane, I wasn’t nervous or anxious in the slightest. But as soon as I saw her at the airport, I was so scared. I had never kissed another girl before Summer, and although I was so excited to, I was petrified. She was so pretty, and tall, and I was completely intimidated by her. Which is the funniest thing to me now, because Summer’s the least intimidating person I’ve ever met. But once the fear wore off, it was truly the best two days of my life. There was a snow storm and I wasn’t expecting there to be one because it was April, so I didn’t bring proper shoes. Summer said I could borrow a pair of her boots, but they ended up being way too big for my feet, and she’s been making fun of my baby feet ever since. We listened to Troye Sivan, watched Chopped for two days straight, and made out under hotel room blankets; and I fell in love.

Summer: Our first time meeting was one of the best days of my life, even though that’s corny. I was so nervous waiting for her at the airport. I was sweating and my heart was racing and everyone who walked by could potentially be her in my mind. And when I saw her for the first time it was the strangest but most exciting feeling, it was just so surreal having her there with me. We were both super nervous for the first hour or so, but once we got past that it was like she had always been with me and I couldn’t imagine ever being apart from her, and that’s how it feels every time I see her now.

Do you have any plans to close the distance?

Aurianna: Yes! We’ve been looking for apartments, and we are moving in together in September!

Any parting words for the readers of LDD? 

Aurianna: Be open with your partner, always. Communicate everything. Always make time to talk and to Skype. Keep yourself busy when you aren’t with your SO, surrounded yourself with supportive friends who don’t judge your relationship.

Summer: Always make time to talk to each other and see each other, even if it can only be over Skype or FaceTime. Try to hear their voice once a day, and communicate everything you can.


Thank you Aurianna & Summer for sharing your story with us! ❤️️ 

Check out their blogs on tumblr: lukepetal & mudgoddess

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