Long Distance Relationship Movies You’ve Probably Never Seen

So we all know there are movies out there where the plot revolves around a long-distance relationship, and those movies are totally cute and relatable! But some of us in long-distance relationship met our partners online, and finding movies that relate to that specific aspect of our romantic journey in a positive way can be hard to find.

Personally, I can’t stand watching a movie that highlights the worst scenarios, or the negative stereotypes of meeting someone online. It’s not like there is anything wrong with these movies per say, but they just get old. And I’m not saying that dating someone you met online is risk free, because no relationship is, but I’m so tired of watching movies where that’s the story!

Sometimes you just want to watch a movie where people meet online, or through being pen-pals or some other way, without those horrible stereotypes and a happy ending!


Mary and Max

Melodrama Pictures / IMDB

2009 | NA | Australian

This stop motion animated comedy drama, is a truly beautiful story of two unlikely friends who live on opposite sides of the planet. Mary makes contact with Max by choosing his name at random out of a phone book, and writes him a letter.

Their correspondence throughout the film covers a large range of adult themes. Love, friendship, communication, loneliness, forgiveness, and mental health just to name a few. The story shows how a real friendship is, and how a deep connection between people can develop even if they’ve never met.

This movie dares to be funny and sad. You’ll laugh out loud and you’ll cry, but the film maintains an emotional balance throughout it. It is completely unlike any movie I’ve ever seen, and it will captivate you on so many emotional levels.

My overall rating: 9/10

You can purchase the movie here: Mary and Max



Ciné Nominé, Orange Studio, Chaocorp / IMDB

Blind Date

2015 | TV 14 | French

This French romantic comedy (originally titled is Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglément, is one of the sweetest romance movies I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen a lot tbh, they’re kinda my guilty pleasure..

The couple in the film doesn’t meet online, but they also don’t originally contact each other face-to-face. This story highlights and captures how intimacy and love can form when there is a physical barrier between two people.

The chemistry between the actors is amazing! Their performance is truly captivating in showing the concept of online dating and how a relationship can grow without being in the same physical space.

My overall rating: 7/10




Village Roadshow Pictures, Vertigo Entertainment / IMDB

The Lake House

2006 | PG | American

This fantasy romance movie is actually a remake of the South Korean film, Il Mare. This remake did reference the original movie, whose title was used the name an important location in the film. The main characters in this film communicate through letters in a really unique and mysterious way, a time-traveling mailbox. The time-travel plot element used in the film becomes a little messy, and it causes quite a few paradoxes, but if you can get past that I think it’s sweet.

The movie shows so many different elements of online and long-distance relationships. Having to support each other only with words, the never-ending longing, the endless planning. These are emotional hardships and things that we all face and I think it’s really important that this movie touches on those things (even if it’s through a magical mail box).

My overall rating: 5/10

You can purchase the movie here: The Lake House (Widescreen Edition) (DVD) OR why not read the book? It’s probably better: The Lake House: A Novel




banzakbanzak Film Production / IMDB

Castaway on the Moon

2009 | NR | Korean

Originally titled Kimssi pyoryugi, this romantic drama is a love story between a castaway and a woman who isolates herself from society. The movie starts out by showing the main characters psychological flaws, with an attempted suicide in the first few minutes of the movie.

As the story progresses we learn of the hardships each character faces and see how they help each other through their issues regardless of their strained communication and physical distance. The characters find each other in their isolation and grow together even while they are apart. It’s really a beautiful story.

This unique and engaging movie covers pretty difficult stuff, but it’s funny and sad and the story is quirky and different..I can’t explain how extraordinary this film is you’ll just have to watch it!

My overall rating: 11/10



These movies aren’t cookie cutter “meeting online” stories since the characters meet in other unconventional ways, but the hardships that online couples experience can be found as elements scattered amongst these films.

Finding films with positive outcomes where people meet through different mediums can be really hard. Personally, I can connect to these movies above and when I watch them it makes me nostalgic to how things were when I met my partner online. Movies like this are just so refreshing!

I hope as time goes on and meeting through places like forums and magical mail boxes becomes more accepted, we’ll be seeing a lot more movies with meaningful online and long-distance themes.




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Jaymiee is a writer for Long Distance Diaries. She is a graduate with her BS in Marketing, and has been in a very long distance relationship for over six years.