Closing the Distance & Life Post-LDR: Kristen & Seth

Who We Are I'm Kristen and he is Seth. I love dogs and food and I swear I'm a mermaid. Seth loves gaming and music and aspires to be a writer. We grew up with completely different backgrounds and family values. I am one of five kids and come from a very religious family. Seth is an only child who grew up mostly without a father and, although was brought up with good morals, is not religious in the slightest. Most importantly, we are two people who lived hundreds of miles away and somehow managed to fall in love. How...

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Intra-national LDR: Amanda & Richard

"People will try to break you up and tear you apart but, as long as you have trust, love, loyalty and, the moral support of each other, nothing can tear you apart. It will be difficult and the nights will get lonely but, in the end, it’s worth every mile." Tell us a little bit about yourselves! A: I’m Amanda, I am 20 years old and I’m from a small town in Washington State! Starting this winter I will begin to study for my AA (Associates Degree) in education at Everett Community College here in WA so that I can become...

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LGBTQAI+ LDR: Tumblr Fanfic & Closing the Distance

Meet Aurianna & Summer!   "The first time we met was a beautiful mess." Tell us a little about yourselves. Aurianna: Hiiii, my name is Aurianna, I’m nineteen years old, I’m an early childhood education major, and I’m from Vancouver Canada. I’m a bisexual feminist, who dreams of being a fairy princess superhero/vampire slayer. I love to write poetry, draw pretty girls, and watch Star Wars. I love One direction, tattoos, and soft pretzels. And I’ve probably touched glitter in the last twelve hours. Summer: My name’s Summer and I’m a tall lesbian who likes Halloween and pups. I’m an aspiring witch/writer/language...

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