LDR Gift Idea: Custom Deck of Cards (with unique ideas!)

Struggling to come up with some new homemade gifts? Sometimes the classics are the best. One of my favourites is the ’52 Reasons I Love You’, because it’s a simple way of communicating how you feel to your partner, allows your creative side to flourish, and can be used on its own, or even incorporated into many other gift ideas. So, what do you need? A pack of cards Coloured Pens Other Decorations (stickers, pictures, etc.) Scissors & Glue It’s as simple as that! Now, you need to find some content for those cards… which is harder than you’d think....

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DIY: Special Couple Coupons!

Fancy a cute gift idea? This past Christmas, my SO and I agreed not to spend any money on presents, so we had to make them. I made him a playlist, and designed a DVD case cover for it. Z, my boyfriend, made me a stack of affection and date idea coupons! It was adorable. Here’s how to make your own.... ____________________________________________________________________________________________ There are two different ways you could make these coupons: one being a little more work and one being way, way easier. I'll focus on how to make them yourself for now but keep reading to the end...

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