Guest Post: Long Distance Insecurities & Advice

"Despite all the distance and greater hardships we have to endure, in the end we’ll fight through it. You fight, because this form of love can overcome any form of distance." My Long Distance Relationship & Insecurities I’m in my first long distance for almost a year now and we are separated by a whole entire Atlantic ocean, also never met each other in real life. We are both young college students who are trying to keep up our grades while coping with the distance. Relationships are hard . Especially when you’re separated by thousands of miles. I’m no expert...

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Guest Post: The Two Types of Long Distance Relationships

Dark nights cuddled up to a bright screen listening to your partner’s breathing. That’s the base of a long distance relationship. No matter how it started and no matter how it ends, we’ve all been there, praying for the distance to disappear and for the illusion of the screen to become real. Whether distance is all you know, or you’re adapting to the new daily routine of miles apart, all LDR couples feel the same weight of each mile. They may just see each mile a little differently. The Two Types of LDRs Met Online When a long distance couple...

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