How to Celebrate the Holidays Online

It's the most beautiful time of the year. Time to spend with your loved ones, family, friends and that special someone. But there’s just a little inconvenient: miles between you and your darling. Holidays in long distance relationships can be hard if you’re not able to see one another, but instead of diving in a sea of sadness there are a few ways to share with him/her and make sweet memories during Christmas or New Year’s Eve. However, instead of dwelling on what we can’t have, today we’d talk about ways to celebrate Christmas over the internet. FaceTime/Skype Finding time...

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Guest Post: 6 Online Dating Tips No One Told You Before

Warning: In this article I am going to be very honest and straightforward. You have been on an online dating site like some other singles with little success. Or, you just found one amazing site and would love to get some surefire online dating tips that will guarantee you instant success. There is a very high increase in the number of new members on online dating sites. And being such a competitive dating arena, for example interracial dating, these sites have an international membership. So you definitely need to follow a few tips to up your game and make you stand...

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How to: Look Great on Webcam on any Occasion

LDR Skype-Date Series How to look good on webcam on any occasion Even if we know that it's not just the physical aspect that matters, we want to look good when we are talking to someone we care about. Especially on those cute LDR date nights, like on anniversaries or birthdays. Improving how you look on webcam is actually pretty simple, and we've laid out some great tips for you to try. We promise it'll improve your webcam experience and help boost your confidence so you don't have to keep checking that little window in the corner (we've all been...

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