Are Online Relationships “In Real Life”?

  Ask yourself, are online relationships in real life relationships? The answer is yes, and I’m going to tell you why.   My partner and I met online in 2011. We would stay up late messaging each other, sharing jokes, video chatting – you name it. We had fun together and every moment between us, on the phone, over video calls or over text, made the butterflies in my stomach go nuts. So when someone told me my relationship wasn’t real because we hadn’t met in person yet, it confused me. We had met, we had spent time together. It...

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The Perks of a Long Distance Relationship

Of course you and I both know that distance isn’t easy whatsoever, and often you’ll get told that your relationship isn’t real because your significant other is so far away. It’s important that you try not to listen to the negativity and stigmas surrounding long distance relationships, and focus on the many benefits they provide. You treasure the time you have together Unlike most couples who see each other nearly every day, depending on the distance, LDR couples typically only see each other once every few months. When you visit one another, you try to squeeze as much love, fun,...

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