How to Effectively Save Money in Your LDR

We’ve all felt the effects of the major challenges in LDR’s: the distance, the loneliness, the lack of physical contact. But arguably the most forgotten challenge is the cost of it all. Flights, trains, gifts, postage and packaging, phone bills, the list is endless. Saving up for the next visit can be a daunting task, and often feels endless. Below are some ways to help make saving up easier, and ways to make your LDR more cost effective. Set up a Fund We don't mean a GoFundMe; more so a personal fund. In LDR’s, most of the time there’s something...

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How to Find The Cheapest Airline Tickets | Part Two

Now that we've explored how to get the cheapest tickets through a few little tweaks to your browsing habits, we can now explore where. Kayak Kayak is a really good resource for finding the cheapest tickets, hotels and car rentals. This is the site that I personally use all the time. There are three amazing features of this site that make it stand out: They compare the prices of 300+ airlines around the world. They gives you advice on whether you should buy your ticket now, or wait. They have a bunch of tools to make your search easier (shown...

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How to Find the Cheapest Airline Tickets | Part One

Timing Absolutely Matters conducted their own study in 2014 with 1.5 billion airfares and 4,986,522 trips, tracking the lowest ticket prices from 320 days in advance to 1 day in advance. What they found (shown in the graph below) was that the prime time to buy a plane ticket was anywhere between 27-114 days in advance. Moral of the story here is to not wait for last-minute deals and to buy your ticket 1-4 months in advance. However, don’t buy your ticket too early either. Buying more than 80 days in advance showed to be non-advantageous. Even I was surprised...

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