Storytime: Our First Physical Hello

4th September, 2016. 5.30am AEST. I sleepily said good morning to you on Skype, my nerves slightly muted from drowsiness. My brain wouldn’t allow me to comprehend that my life would be changing drastically by the next day; I was too focused on the fear of travelling alone for 20+ hours for the first time. We had some small talk, but it was mostly unspoken emotions being exchanged. We were both terrified of the unknown. "We broke apart for a few seconds, only to mutually feel weirded out by making eye contact for the first time and then pulled each other...

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Storytime: Coming to terms with my boyfriend having a female housemate….

So, this is something I’ve struggled with for about a year and I’m sure some of you may experience similar if your SO is in university or can’t afford to live alone and has a housemate of the gender you are. A little note: Vic (his housemate) identified as female when they met and moved in, but has preferred to use they/them pronouns for a few months. To make things clearer in this article, when referring to Vic alone, “they”/“them” will be in red and the plural version, talking about Vic and Z together, will stay in black. Vic has...

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