The LDR Docu-Series You Can Apply To Be In (Casting Call!)

Hey LDD fam! Our team has an exciting opportunity for you.

Sharp Entertainment is casting for the second season of their LDR docu-series! Here’s a little information from the Casting Director:

“A little about the project – Right now, we’re casting for our 2nd season of the docu-series where we follow Americans who are in online relationships with someone overseas and planning to travel and meet them for the FIRST TIME!

Anyone who is interested can email in to our casting account – (include contact information, pictures and a brief summary about their love story)

Our casting process begins with some preliminary questions (see below). If you may be a good fit for the show, we then will schedule a Skype call with each of you separately. This will help the network decide which couples they want to have on the show.”


  1. Full Names
  2. Ages
  3. Phone numbers/E-Mails
  4. Occupations
  5. Where are the both of you located?
  6. In what language do you communicate with each other?
  7. How did you guys find each other? Paint us a picture…
  8. How long have you guys been dating (long distance)?
  9. How often do you communicate with each other?
  10. Are you currently engaged?
  11. Do either of you have any children?
  12. Has he/she been to the US before?
  13. What do your family/friends think of your relationship?
  14. When are you expecting to travel to meet him/her for the FIRST TIME?
  15. Are you planning to propose to him/her?
  16. Please send along as many photos of the two of you as possible.  If you have not met yet, please send individual photos.  The more you send, the better!

***All participants are compensated for their time on series which can be discussed over the phone.**


Be sure to apply before this opportunity slips away! And don’t forget the little guys when you’re on TV. 😉

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