The Perks of a Long Distance Relationship

Of course you and I both know that distance isn’t easy whatsoever, and often you’ll get told that your relationship isn’t real because your significant other is so far away. It’s important that you try not to listen to the negativity and stigmas surrounding long distance relationships, and focus on the many benefits they provide.

You treasure the time you have together

Unlike most couples who see each other nearly every day, depending on the distance, LDR couples typically only see each other once every few months. When you visit one another, you try to squeeze as much love, fun, and excitement into that small window you have together. You don’t see long distance couples complaining about grocery shopping together, or being stuck indoors together, because after a few months apart all we want is to be in their company.

If you can survive this, you can survive anything

Distance is arguably the toughest test that a couple may face together during their relationship, and for the majority of us it comes at the beginning of our relationship. If a couple at the beginning of their relationship can survive and beat the distance, then surely anything can be beat. LDR’s test your communication, your trust, your commitment, and your willingness to be with one another, and if you pass that test you’re good to go.

You don’t always have to be presentable

Because you’re not seeing your partner most days, you don’t always have to make the effort to look presentable, or hot. You don’t need to constantly shave or always wear makeup, and even if you and your significant other are partaking in a little bit of ‘fun’ on the phone, you can lounge around in your sweats and pretend you’re in your sexiest attire.

The relationship isn’t just physical

With long distance relationships, there is no “friends with benefits” element to the situation, and you don’t have to worry that your significant other is only in it for the sex. There is no confusion between lust and love, and you know there is emotional intimacy, as well as physical.

Full of travel and adventure

Depending on where your partner lives, it is likely whenever one of you visits the other you get to explore a new country, new environments, and go on exciting trips together. Every visit is a holiday, and like holidays every day is filled with thrilling activities, and you get to constantly create magical new memories together.

Time to pursue your interests and passions

Finally, because you and your partner are apart for so long at a time, it gives you more time to be able to pursue your own interests, and take on new projects. You can read books, work out, spend time with friends, do something creative, all the while knowing that whenever you need your partner he or she is only a text away.

And it doesn’t end there, every distance relationship also has its own unique positives, and we all know that it’s worth the wait. The distance is not easy, but it’s important to remember there is also a lot of strength and love that can stem from that.

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Michael, 22, is a writer for Long Distance Diaries. He works in Data Services, is an avid reader, writer, blogger, tweeter, and was in a LDR for almost 2 years. Twitter - @mikejwake