Things NOT to Say to Someone in a Long Distance Relationship

Being in a long-distance relationship already sucks, but you just get reminded of that every time a possibly well-intentioned (but mostly insensitive) comment is thrown your way.
These comments get real old, real fast. Here are just some of the top offenders I’ve heard over the past six years my partner and I have been together.
(Caution this article contains serious attitude)!

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“Why are you on your phone so much?”

How else do you communicate with someone that’s not in the room?

“Is it even worth it?”

Being with someone who is super cute, makes me happy, makes me a better version of myself, and who loves me regardless of the distance, totally makes it all worth it. If not why would we even be dating?

“Don’t you want a real relationship?” defines a relationship as “an emotional or other connection between people.” That’s the general knowledge of what a relationship is, whether it be romantic, platonic or familial. Anyone in a long distance relationship will tell you they have a connection with the person they’re in the long distance relationship with. It’s the same as any other relationship, only you’re not is the same room, so please tell me how it’s not real.

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“Long distance never works.”

Because being geographically close makes your relationship 100% more likely to work out, right? Also thanks for the confidence.

“Can’t you find someone who lives here?”

Already found someone thanks, byeeeee.

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“How do you not cheat on each other?”

It’s called love, trust and not being an asshole! And this comment makes me so mad! How does being geographically close mean the person you’re dating isn’t being unfaithful??? If you’re gonna cheat on your partner you’re gonna do it whether they live in the town over or in the next state!

“How do you go that long without sex?”

How rude is this question!!  Sex isn’t the only way to stay committed to your partner, ugh.

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And here are some additional irksome comments for those of us who are far away from our significant others and met online.

“You’re going to get murdered.”

That’s nice to say… well… if I’m dead I don’t have to worry about student debt or paying taxes *finger guns*

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“How do you know they are who they say they are?”

In this day and age, video chatting and social media is a very good way to verify ya bae. I don’t think people realize how easy it is to find if the person you’re chatting up is real or not. Google reverse image search or requesting a specific photo from them, anyone?? Also there’s always ya know, trust.

“You can’t have a relationship with someone that you’ve never met”

I’m just going to leave this emoji here 🙄

“You shouldn’t tell people you met online..”

Now it’s kind of a normal thing to meet online thanks to tinder and etc., so I’ve heard a lot less of this type of comment in the last few years. But people are sometimes still skeptical about other mediums where you can meet people though (like forums or online games). But never do this, it’s not a big deal. And the more we talk about, the more it becomes normalized and that’s A+.

Last but not least, this awful overused joke:

“I just can’t take this long distance relationship anymore. Fridge you’re coming to my room.”

Hands up if you’ve been personally victimized by any of these totally crappy questions and comments from family, friends and total strangers!

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