Valentine’s Day for Long Distance Relationships

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Being away from your partner can be super hard, and seeing couples holding hands and spending time together can make you want to hop on a plane and visit your partner ASAP. This gets worse when it comes to holidays and special dates like Valentine’s Day.

But even though you’ll be miles away from your partner you can always make the most of it and have a romantic 14th of February.

Here are 6 ideas to celebrate this special day:


DIY Care package idea with cute photos together! (Credit: The Military Wife Life)

Send a box full of love to your special someone! You can either buy it online and have it delivered or you can make it yourself, which can make the present even more special. Even if you’re coming up with ideas a little late this year, don’t worry about the package arriving late. Better late than never!

Here are two websites for pre-made care packages:–Valentines-Day

And some inspiration for a DIY care package:


Continuing with the idea of sending a gift, there are other things you can pick that can be cheaper, a great option to send it with a card and some sweets or even with a care package. Again, you can pick between buying something or make it yourself, there are tons of ideas on the Internet:

Keychains of each other’s locations (link)

Keychain with your coordinates and a cute message.

Mugs with a romantic message (link)

You can find LDR mugs like this one on Etsy!

Scrapbook of your favorite memories, or things you want to do together. Check out our DIY post on how to make a memory book here!

A creative jar

Creative Valentine’s Day Jars filled with Hershey’s kisses.



This is always a great activity to do on special dates, it makes you feel like you’re together for a little bit and it’s good if you can’t afford buying a gift. You can use which is a site to watch movies and videochat at the same time, you can also go with the usual and synchronize during a Skype call.

Another unique way to view movies together is Cineplex’s special Valentine’s Day offer, where they have synced up movie times so LDR couples can watch a movie at the same time in a text-friendly showing! Here are the deets:

Grab some snacks and pick a movie super romantic movie or even a romantic comedy!

Here’s a list of cheesy roms we like:

– Valentine’s Day

– The Notebook

– La La Land

– 500 Days of Summer

– Love Actually


Make a video of yourself telling your partner what are the things you like the most about him/her, expressing your love or just wishing a happy Valentine’s Day. It will be a sweet memory you can re-watch in a couple of years and remember that special occasion.


Having a romantic dinner with your partner over videochat can be a sweet way to spend Valentine’s, you can decide on a plate and even have the same food. And to make it more romantic, play some music in the background. You can listen to each other’s playlist at the same time on Discord.


Distance: The Series released a list of 20 questions you and your partner could ask each other over video call while you cheese it out on Valentine’s Day. Here’s the list.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our team !


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