Distance – The Must-Watch Webseries of 2018!

Two Episodes

Two Perspectives.

Two Directors

One Story

Meet Emily, a graduate student and urban farmer and Sam, a photographer from NY.

In this quirky, totally relatable webseries, you will follow Emily and Sam as they try to make the long distance thing work. 

“Distance” is a long distance relatioinship story told from two perspective – HIS and HERS (His directed by Jack Lawrence Mayer, Hers directed by Carlyn Hudson). With these two episodes, you can choose which one you want to watch first! The best part of having two episodes is that you can see their long distance relationship from their individual perspectives. That’s pretty neat.

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Distance was screened at the SXSW Film Festival in 2016 as part of the Digital Domain Program, as well as at Seriesfest where they won the Virgin Produced Choice Award!

Watch the teaser for this webseries below! We doubt you can keep yourself from laughing at this comedic, completely honest take on long distance struggles.

Distance SXSW 2016 Teaser Trailer from Alex Dobrenko on Vimeo.

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