How to Effectively Save Money in Your LDR

We’ve all felt the effects of the major challenges in LDR’s: the distance, the loneliness, the lack of physical contact. But arguably the most forgotten challenge is the cost of it all. Flights, trains, gifts, postage and packaging, phone bills, the list is endless. Saving up for the next visit can be a daunting task, and often feels endless. Below are some ways to help make saving up easier, and ways to make your LDR more cost effective.

Set up a Fund

We don’t mean a GoFundMe; more so a personal fund. In LDR’s, most of the time there’s something to look ahead to. A date, the next visit, and it’s typically the same when it comes to our finances. We’re always saving up for that trip, saving for that expensive flight, that package we’re sending halfway across the world. Therefore, it makes sense to set up a fund for a LDR, something aside from your usual finances, to use on these one-off costs. Regularly put aside some money each week into this fund; and you and your partner could also share the fund.

Plan Ahead

This doesn’t just mean deciding on when you’re visiting, and how you’re going to travel, but also what you and your partner will do together on your visit. Plan cheap dates. Once you’re finally together, it can be tempting to spend a lot of money to make up for lost time. Even during a short visit, trips and dinners can really add up. Look around for some cheap deals, and even find some free things to do. Let’s face it, you likely haven’t seen each other in months; you’re going to enjoy whatever you do. A really good place to look for deals is on Groupon or searching the web for coupons. Typing in “_____ coupon” can save you quite a few bucks if you’re lucky.

Every Little Helps

When saving up, any income is precious. And it all helps. Picking up a couple of extra hours at work, doing a little overtime, it will all be worth it in the end. Please do find time for yourself though, it’s important not to spend too much time at work. There are also some sites out there where you can earn a little extra money. Sites like YouGov allow you to take surveys, and others like Swagbucks allow you to play games, review items, and browse sites. Make sure you do research these sites before joining, because some offer far more value than others. An alternative is to sell a few of your unused goods, such as clothing. Apps such as Depop or Etsy are great tools, and you can share your online store with your Facebook friends or on other platforms.

Scrimp and Save

One of the biggest costs in a LDR can be communication, so make sure you take advantage of platforms that offer free communication such as Facebook, Skype and Discord. Make sure to treat you and your partner occasionally, but to save up you’ll both have to make sacrifices. Think of those luxuries you like to treat yourself to; occasionally cut them out and you’ll very quickly start piling up that fund. This could be as easy as buying cheaper coffee/tea over Starbucks every morning.

Other Areas

There are of course other areas where you can save and shop around for some great deals. Tammy has written about how you can find the cheapest airline tickets here, and here. You can also cut down on spending when it comes to presents, and gifts for your significant other. Rather than sending packages constantly, make inexpensive presents and save them for your next visit – it might just feel even better giving and receiving them in person.

There’s so many ways that you can save money in your LDR, research your own, find your own little techniques, and you can very quickly have enough to regularly visit your partner. If you have any other tips you want to share – comment below for the rest of the community!

Thanks for reading!

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